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Physics at Ferrara combines cutting-edge research across broad and inter-disciplinary fields with a vibrant educational program integrated into major international projects.

Physics offers numerous opportunities to participate in forefront international research programs, embracing all major areas of modern physics in experimental, applied and theoretical specialized topics. These projects take advantage of on-campus facilities or are often part of major international collaborations with world-class European institutes, such as at CERN, or in the context of European Space Agency led space missions.

The department is ranked at the very top positions of the physics departments in Italy, based on the quality, diversity and volume of its research activities. A motivated, internationally recognized, and young faculty is devoted to scientific discovery and committed to prepare students for a diverse range of professional careers, requiring both a strong technical background and creativity to deal with the increasing complexity of modern human activities (e.g. economics, communications, ecosystems, high-performance computing, medical instrumentation, etc.). The physics faculty is also engaged in vigorous outreach activities, communicating to the public the excitement of science and its role in modern society, through a number of initiatives with high-school students and by collaborating with a number of city’s cultural events.

Research activities carried out in the department span from astrophysics and cosmology to nuclear and particle physics, solid-state physics, medical physics, computational physics, as well as theoretical physics.