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Medical Sciences

The Medical Sciences are involved in several research projects especially in the fields of prevention, treatment and cure of human diseases.

The research lines in Medical Sciences are focused on

(i) epidemiology;

(ii) clinical trials;

(iii) studies of clinical-pathologic correlation;

(iv) development of markers of susceptibility and predictive for early diagnosis, and markers of progression and aggressiveness (biological and genetic profiling) as a tool for clinical correlation for predicting the potential evolutionary of disease, also in relation with methods of treatment (correlation with molecular and biological parameters of the control of the disease with drug therapy, and biological, radiological and radiobiological therapy);

(v) improvement of knowledge in genetics, epigenetics, cellular and molecular biology underlying the etiology/etiopathogenesis, also in association with exposure to environmental risk factors (physical, chemical and infectious agents), in the field of:

  • oncology, such as  thoracic, abdominal, genital, head and neck, neuroendocrine, central nervous system, eye, skin, bone and hematologic tumors, and psycho-oncology;
  • inflammatory diseases of respiratory, urogenital, skeletal muscle, otolaryngology and dental system;
  • degenerative diseases of cardio vascular, nervous and ocular system;
  • immune and autoimmune diseases;
  • inherited genetic diseases, both mono-factorial and multi-factorial.

(vi) Development of procedures for surgery in the field of oncology, orthopedics, dentistry, otolaryngology and maxillofacial, and implementation of biomedical technologies functional to surgery, and radiological and medical therapy.