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The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science has a strong commitment for  research, teaching, and service.

The Department is fully driven by the University goal of becoming a preeminent research university. There are 39  faculty  with interests and research programs  that cover a wide spectrum of pure and applied mathematics.

Not only do we strive to be excellent in disciplinary research, but we also collaborate with other departments in interdisciplinary research: our faculty members have joint projects with Departments across the University.

The main research areas can be summarized in the following topics:Coalgebras,  Comodules and Hopf algebra, Hochschild cohomology and algebra (coalgebras) formally smooth or separable.Projective algebraic geometry, projective varieties of small codimension, birational geometry and problems of rationality, complex analysis and holomorphic dynamics.History of mathematics, history of universities and scientific institutions and teaching and divulgation of mathematics and sciences.Linear and nonlinear partial differential equations, local and global existence of solutions, their regularity, formation and propagation of singularities, with significant applications in the context of fluid flows, phase transitions and road traffic. Stochastic calculus with application to stochastic evolution equations, geometric measure theory in finite and infinite metric spaces, calculus of variations.Dynamics of classical, non-Newtonian, compressible and incompressible fluids, with applications to crowds dynamic, hemodynamics, and models for complex biological and social systems. Thermo fluid dynamics and heat transfer.Numerical methods for solving problems of high computational complexity within the context of: optimization, hyperbolic partial differential equations, and kinetic. Applications to digital imaging, physics, biomedical and natural sciences, economics and finance.