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In the Department of Law, several groups are engaged in individual and collective research projects. Most of the members of these groups conduct individual project, and they publish books and articles, on the main national and international reviews of each field.

Many groups are also involved in studies of international relevance, often though steady and long-term projects, as these examples show. The CeStInt (Centre of Studies and Services for Foreign Law and International Relationships) offers legal consulting and promotes educational meetings about the foreign law; it also provides a service of translation and interpreting.

The group of taxation law conducts many project with research organizations in Lugano, La Valletta, Haifa, Almaty, Tehran.

The group of criminal law and criminal procedure conducts, as the coordinating Unit, two  projects with other European Universities, both financed by the European Commission: OLAF, Hercule III Programme, about the “Relationships between the national judicial authorities and the investigative agencies in the view of the EPPO”, and “Prison overcrowding and alternatives to detention”.

MaCrO is an Interdisciplinary Study Laboratory on the Mafia and other sorts of Organized Crime. The goal of this educational and research project is to elaborate new lines of research about the mafia and the other criminal associations, in the fields of the legislation and the philosophical analysis of this phenomenon.

Pursuing the internalization of the teaching and research activity, the Department has established the “Letizia Gianformaggio Chair”. It is assigned every year to a different Professor coming from foreign Universities, that hold a course of six months.

Finally, the PhD in “European Union Law and national legal systems” is a high-qualified scientific school. It is formed of two curricula, both focusing on a plurality of subjects, all of which displaying a direct or indirect European relevance.