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The researchers in the “Sezione” of History and Sciences of Antiquity are engaged in individual and collective research projects, also of international relevance, as i.e. that of Professor Livio Zerbini about the Danubian provinces.

The groups of Archaeology conduct  projects involving Archaeology in different areas of the Po Valley, with particular attention to stratigraphic excavation and also various fields of Etruscan studies: iconographic, historical, epigraphic and antiquarian problems.

The research projects in Ancient history are on the history of the Roman provinces in the Balkan area and the Black Sea; on the history of Roman jurisprudence, with particular attention to the reconstruction of the scientific and cultural profiles of the jurists and their role in political history in Late the Republic and Principate; on Pompeian Antiquities.

The research interests in Medieval history include the history of marginality, crime and migration in the late Middle Ages and the city of Ferrara and the Este court.

The groups of  Modern history conduct their researches on the Renaissance in Ferrara and the political and social history of the Republic of Genoa.

Finally a group of research deals with political contemporary history, with particular attention to the various models of communication and propaganda.

Another field of research in the “Sezione” of  History and Sciences of Antiquity concerns codes and ancient writings, dating from Late Antiquity to Humanism.