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The research activities of the Engineering Department of the University of Ferrara (ENDIF) cover a wide spectrum of research fields and this is undoubtedly one of the strengths of the Department allowing to access a large number of opportunities for research funding.

The main research programs are focused on:

  • civil and environmental engineering: acoustics, architectural design, hydraulics and hydraulic constructions, hydrology, sanitary and environmental engineering, economy, geotechnical, structural engineering, strength of materials and structural mechanics, surveying and geomatics, digital mapping and remote sensing;
  • mechanical engineering: technical physics, fluid machinery and energy conversion systems, machine design, mechanical technology, mechanics of machines and vibrations, polymeric materials and composites, metallurgy, corrosion and protection of metallic materials;
  • information engineering: automation, electromagnetic fields and optics, digital electronics and reliability, electronics for telecommunications, signal processing, telecommunications, artificial intelligence, operational research and distributed systems.

Researches address both theoretical and experimental issues and activities are supported by several laboratories operating within ENDIF.

Some activities involve the two anechoic chambers: one for electromagnetic compatibility and immunity and one for applied acoustic and vibro-acoustic investigations.

Moreover, researches on corrosion and metallurgy are developed at the “Aldo Daccò” center that is placed within ENDIF.

Most of the research activities are carried out in collaboration with international groups and research networks with the participation of both Master Degree and PhD students who spend a period abroad during their thesis or their three-year course to perform their activities and to tighten relationships with European and International organizations.

Additional information is available at the website of ENDIF