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Economics and Business administration

The main research topics for this discipline are the following:

  • Applied and theoretical economics
  • Financial accounting and reporting
  • Management control and strategic management
  • Performance management
  • International and industrial economics
  • Economics of development, innovation and knowledge
  • Economics and Institutions, economic analysis of law
  • Public economics and public services, economics and management of health services and cultural heritage, environmental and territorial economics;
  • Human resource organization and management, labour economics
  • Banking and financial markets
  • Marketing

In particular, some specific research goals, related to these topics are described below.

One of these is the analysis of applied economics of industries, local systems, enterprises and the study of policies for industry and development by comparing local and international processes.

Another goal is the study and the analysis of the public sector’s organizations, with particular attention to its governance structure (levels of government, functions, etc .), as well as its impact on the territories, including urban and metropolitan areas, with reference also to the major European countries.

Some research activities are focused on the study of phenomena regarding the economics of knowledge and innovation according to an interdisciplinary approach that involve both economics, and accounting disciplines.

One successful line of research concerns business management, management control, economic evaluation, performance management, in favor of public and private health facilities.

Some research activities are dedicated to environmental economics and ecology, with particular attention to the role of public policy and innovation in the pursuit of economic and environmental sustainability. The main areas of interest in this framework are: environmental policy, innovation economy, economy and energy policy, economic evaluation, waste policy, environmental change and development.