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Matisse in Ferrara: the exhibition at Palazzo dei Diamanti in Ferrara

The exhibition dedicated to the Matissian representation of the figure. Until June 15th, 2014. Palazzo dei Diamanti

From February until June 15th, 2014

Ferrara - Palazzo dei Diamanti

Corso Ercole I d'Este 21


Although Matisse drew inspiration from various genres to give new directions to the art of the twentieth century, he put his greatest energy into the representation of the model, finding expression through experimentation with various techniques to create some of his greatest masterpieces.

This exhibition follows his entire creative path, revealing how his painting was influenced by his work in sculpture and drawing.

Matisse’s astonishing reputation is mainly related to his paintings and his mastery of colour, which uses to explore means of expression and at the same time, harmony and formal purity. However, his talents as a graphic artist and a sculptor are less well known.
Matisse was one of the greatest draughtsmen of the century: he experimented with all the existing techniques. He diligently worked daily with what he considered the best media to express directly, spontaneously and fully the emotions that were evoked by the beauty of his model and of life in general. He worked with sculpture less frequently, as a change from painting, but used it to explore new solutions to pictorial problems posed by renewal of the themes of the nude and the portrait.

A wide selection of paintings, sculptures, drawings and etchings explore Matisse’s relationship with the human figure in all its forms: from studies of the forms and expressions of his models, nourished by a background in Western art, to tribal plastic forms and Oriental motifs, to the affirmation of an original conception of the portrait; from the crucial relationship between the figure and the background to its integration into a mosaic of decorative motifs, to the invention of a space constructed only using colour ratios.


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