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The Department of Architecture's project "INCEPTION" selected by Horizon 2020

Among Horizon 2020 projects, the framework programme “Europe to changing world - Inclusive, innovative and reflective societies” will include the theme of Cultural Heritage, in order to contribute to a deeper awareness and understanding of the European culture through new technologies and digitalization processes.

Unife Architecture Department, led by Professor Roberto Di Giulio, was the winner of the project "INCEPTION - Inclusive Cultural Heritage in Europe through 3D semantic modelling" which was nominated for the “Call Reflective-7-2014, Advanced 3D modeling for accessing and understanding European cultural assets”, ranking first among 87 proposals.

The project aims at developing innovative methods for the creation of 3D models with a comprehensive approach to cultural heritage, developing patterns to enrich interdisciplinary knowledge of the European cultural identity through the cooperation of different user profiles, from scholars to researchers, professionals and curators, to non-expert users.

The project, that will last 4 years (from 1st June 2015 to 31st May 2019), involves, besides the Department of Architecture, University of Ljubljana (Slovenia), the National Technical University of Athens (Greece), the Cyprus University of Technology (Cyprus), the University of Zagreb (Croatia), the research centres Consorzio Futuro in Ricerca (Italy) and Cartif (Spain) and a group of small and medium enterprises: DEMO Consultants BV (Netherlands), 3L Architects (Germany), Nemoris (Italy), RDF (Bulgaria), 13BIS Consulting (France), Z + F (Germany) and Vision Business Consultants (Greece).

The goals of Inception, which has passed the evaluation stage gaining the absolute highest score (total value of the research project: EUR 4 million, of which EUR 776,000 to the Department of Architecture), are:

  • outlining innovative procedures for the acquisition and 3D modeling of buildings and historical contexts, developing optimized integrated survey and modeling methodologies for the Heritage-BIM;
  • Defining specific methods for semantic structuring of data for Cultural Heritage, pursuing a greater efficiency in the integration of different information layers;
  • Creating a standard open platform for web access, interoperability and sharing of digital models obtained from optimized acquisition procedures;
  • Developing tools for the practical application of multi-informative 3D models.

The project will develop six case studies that will allow to apply various digital acquisition systems and then develop a dedicated three-dimensional modeling method that will make available the digital models used by different categories of users.

INCEPTION aims to spread the knowledge of Europe's cultural heritage also through a Stakeholder Panel, a group of Europe-wide institutions that will provide a meaningful comparison between experts not only from the scientific point of view but also by orienting research towards capable strategies that will allow  to increase the inclusiveness and accessibility of European cultural heritage.

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