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Unitown – Network of Excellence for University Cities

Unitown is an international network of excellence bringing together university cities willing to share experiences and develop good practices in town-gown relations.

Relationships between the city and its academic community are fundamental to create the image and identity of an urban space as well as to promote development and innovation in accordance with social inclusion and environmental protection. Yet, cities are often containers of teaching and research and universities are interested in the mere supply of services.

Unitown aims to foster a broader vision of a university city by

- promoting interactions between universities and economic, political and social stakeholders in university towns, in order to contribute to sustainable urban development and social inclusion;

- favouring the dissemination of good practices of inclusive urban governance aimed at enriching university cities and their academic communities;

- supporting interaction among university cities and facilitating international coordination of their experiences through shared initiatives involving academic, economic, political and social stakeholders.

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