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Unitown partners are prestigious universities and municipalities with experience in matching together culture, human and economic development in order to elaborate new paradigms for sustainable development at a local level in a globalized world.

Unitown, promoted by the University of Ferrara together with the Town of Ferrara, was launched at the international meeting held in Ferrara in October 2013. The meeting was attended by representatives of universities and municipalities from Estonia (Tartu), Finland (Turku), Italy (Turin), Lithuania (Kaunas), Germany (Gießen and Regensburg), Greece (Thessaloniki), Poland (Katowice and Krakow), Portugal (Braga) and Slovenia (Koper).

Each of these municipalities and universities has established mutual relationships to solve daily life problems and has devised common views and visions of the university city as a whole. This is what Unitown expects from every partner, together with the will to share their experiences and good practices in town-gown relations and to shape them as a dynamic international network of excellence.

List of partners (last update: 15.07.2015)