Unitown Events

Unitown general meeting of members | Pavia, September 9th 2015


MATERA - BASILICATA 2019.  Cultural Landscapes and University Cities | Potenza and Matera, May 12th-13th 2015


The University of Basilicata (UNIBAS) jointly with the Municipalities of Potenza and Matera with the support of Unitown organized a two-day conference on Cultural Landscapes and University Cities. The event took place on 12th May 2015 at the Potenza Town Hall and on 13th May 2015 at "Casa Cava", a conference centre of the Municipality of Matera, to mark the signing of the application to join UniTown by UNIBAS and by the Municipalities of Potenza and Matera where the University is located.

Program of the event


Towards a university cities charter I Ferrara, December 18th - 19th 2014

Unitown partners coming from Italy meet in order to share good practices in town-gown relations and develop from them a university cities charter.



A European programme to apply UNESCO Historic Urban Landscape principles to University cities I Ferrara, December 19th - 20th 2014
UNESCO and Unitown promote, jointly with the DA-Department of Architecture of the University of Ferrara, this international seminar. It will focus on how to apply UNESCO Historic Urban
Landscape (HUL) principles to the historical heritage assets of some of the oldest university cities in Europe which are kept alive by university institutions with all their employees, students and
suppliers.  The workshop aims to draft the basis for the first programme to apply UNESCO HUL concepts in European university cities. For further information see detailed agenda.


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Unitown meeting of students’ representatives | Ferrara, March 2nd-5th, 2014

Students’ representatives from Unitown partners will discuss political inclusion in the governing bodies of the town, possible solutions for town-gown disputes and conflicts involving students, the international mobility of working students within Unitown and other crucial issues.


Presentation of the event

Program of the event


Establishing a University Town Network | Ferrara, October 2nd-5th, 2013

Unitown – the university cities network of excellence was presented during an international meeting hosted by the University and the Town of Ferrara.


Program of the event

Presentation of the event




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