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Orthoptic and Ophthalmologic Assistance

Within the health profession of the Orthoptist/assistant in Ophthalmology, the graduate is the health provider who, upon medical referral, treats disorders of motor and sensory vision and performs techniques of instrumental-ophthalmological semeiology.

The Orthoptist/assistant in Ophthalmology is responsible for the organisation, planning and  quality of the professional actions developed during his work.

The primary objective of this university degree is to train Orthoptists/assistants in Ophthalmology to have knowledge, technical-practical and behavioural skills to effectuate the best professional practice of the occupation and to follow its code of ethics.

By the end of the course, the student will have acquired knowledge, competence and interpersonal skills.

The skills of the graduate in Orthoptics/Ophthalmologic assistance are also especially important in the diagnostic-therapeutic-rehabilitative path of strabismus and amblyopia, in the rehabilitation of patients who have low vision in developmental, adult and geriatric ages and in patients who suffer from visual tiredness syndrome due to asthenopia.

This university course is inspired by the Italian Core Competence for Orthoptists/assistants in Ophthalmology (May 2013) and by guidelines for professional practice in Europe proposed by Orthoptistes de la Communaute Europeene (OCE).

The purpose of the degree course is to train professionals who are able to perform health education operations which focus on the prevention of amblyopia and other disorders connected to vision, and their treatment and rehabilitation.

The course is taught via traditional lessons and attendance to lessons, laboratories and internships is mandatory.

In 2010 Ferrara University’s degree course in Orthoptics/Ophthalmologic assistance won the first prize awarded by AIOrAO (Italian Association of Orthoptists/assistants in Ophthalmology) for the best university degree in Orthoptic/assistance in Ophthalmology 2010.




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