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Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

A place for the research, teaching, dissemination and application of Mathematics and Computer Science.

With the presence of more than 30 faculty members, the Department promotes active research in several areas of Pure and Applied Mathematics and Mathematical Education.

It offers Bachelor Degree courses in Mathematics and in Computer Science, a Masters Course in Mathematics, a PhD program in Mathematics and Computer Science and an Active Apprenticeship Training program for secondary school teachers of Mathematics and of Computer Science.

Moreover, it coordinates and supervises the teaching of Mathematics in all other courses offered by Ferrara University.
In addition, its members engage in interdisciplinary programs, especially in cooperation with the departments of Engineering, Economics, Architecture, Biology and Medicine, and outreach activities, promoting the appreciation of mathematics in secondary schools and in the community.
The Department possesses several computer labs and a specialized library located inside the city walls of Ferrara which is accessible to faculty, students and visitors.






Via Savonarola, 9
44121 Ferrara

Tel: +39 0532 293493/293495
Fax: +39 0532 293203