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Undergraduate courses

Undergraduate courses: an opportunity to enter the labour market with a high level of expertise

Along with research, education is one of the key activities of Unife and represents the social value of its mission.
Within the framework of Unife’s strategic plan, first level degrees are those courses more linked to the practical requirements of production and the service sector and are also connected to the productive occupations of the local area.  At the same time, they benefit from a quality of teaching that can only be guaranteed by high-level research.

Unife offers a wide range of possibilities, with 3-year courses in all study areas: from Nursing to Engineering, from Humanities to Chemistry.
After an undergraduate degree it is possible to continue studying for a Master course or a first level post-graduate Master course.
Undergraduate courses are organized and managed by 12 departments which house classrooms, well-equipped laboratories  and communal areas for student relaxation.






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