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The graduate Courses and the Trainings

Lifelong education and learning is essential for the competitiveness of the economics of knowledge. It applies to all levels of education and training, and covers all stages of life, as well as various modalities of learning.

Education and training are designed to provide citizens with the tools for personal development, for social integration  and participation in the society of knowledge.
In Italy the post graduate Master course has different features from the similar courses set in the rest of the world. The first or second level Masters are advanced scientific courses for higher, permanent and lifelong scientific education. With the University Masters  students obtain at least 60 University credits for each year, and the duration of the courses is of 1500 hours, part of which are reserved for lectures,  while a section is devoted to individual study.
The Unife post graduate education program offers comprehensive post graduate master degree courses, together with lifelong training and learning courses.






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