Geological Sciences Ferrara-Cadiz

Ferrara (Italy) and Cadiz (Spain), are both towns standing on a "coastal alluvial plain", an area where marine forces interact with continental ones and where human activity has become more and more intrusive.

In their efforts to create new graduates specializing  in dealing with problems of natural and human origin, related to the management of this type of territory, the University of Ferrara and the University of Cadiz have realized a project that will lead students to obtaining two second level double degrees, recognized in both countries: at the University of Ferrara, the Master Degree  in Geological Sciences, geo-resources and territory, and at the University of Cadiz, the Master Degree in Gestion Integrada de Areas Litorale (GIAL). Enrolling to the project is open to first level graduates coming from all Italian Universities, provided they have been  accepted to the first year of the second level Master in  Geological sciences, geo-resources and territory at the University of Ferrara.






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