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Study in two different countries and obtain two degrees

Thanks to specific agreements with prestigious foreign universities Unife offers students a wide range of double degree courses abroad in various fields.


Enrolling in double degree courses abroad provides more than an academic experience.  It offers a dynamic international curriculum that broadens students' overall perspective and boosts the chances of working abroad.
It's ideal for students searching for a challenging and deeply rewarding intercultural experience.
A double degree course usually requires attending the partner Institution for a year and, if both institutions' academic requirements are met, enables students to obtain both the relevant Unife Master's degree and the partner University's.

This experience, which started in 2009 with just one course and a couple of students in mobility, has garnered great success  amongst students and this interest has driven Unife to increase the range of courses available: at present there are 10 active double degree courses and others are being planned.
Most double degrees are in cooperation with European Universities but there is the possibility of going to Peru or to Brazil.






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