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Why study in Ferrara

Sara Aragon Villanueva
Erasmus students from Cadiz
“I choose Ferrara because of the similarities with my home town, but in time I discover that it is more there: city of bike, city of art, history and culture, city of students. I was treat with hospitality, good will and different events by Erasmus Team.”
Euphrasie Njilla Ngonmo
Foreign Language student
“I like to study in Ferrara because it's a small but very beautiful city. I have been studying at university of Ferrara for three years, I found many really nice people”
Ahmad El Hadi
Engineering student
"In my opinion study at Unife is an occasion to catch! We live in a globalized world and it is necessary to know foreign languages, to understand different culture and in Ferrara you will have a quiet but lively town at your disposal to learn non only Italian but also local habits."
Qiu Qi Yuan
Economics Student
"Hello everyone! I am a chinese student at University of Ferrara. I chose this University because it has a long history and culture. And some of the departments are very powerful and competitive. Then here is a very quiet town with an atmosphere very adapt to study!"
Juan Manuel Moreira Navarrete
Erasmus student from Sevilla
“Who said the best times of life are in childhood for sure had never made interchange/erasmus at Ferrara. And pay attention: from Ferrara it is easy to go around Italy and see many other beautiful places!”
Thauana Fiori
Exchange student from Brazilian University PUC in Curitiba
“Ferrara is a human-sized, quiet city but we find easily all which you need. There is a beautiful environment with all the bikes, the castle and the rain. The student life is rather active, the professors are interesting. You can always find students with whom go out in the evening.”



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