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University library network

The Ferrara Library Network contains, amongst others, very rare catalogues and digitalised manuscripts, integrating education and research opportunities. Today, 67 library are available to students.

The network operates in association with the Institute for the Artistic, Cultural and Natural Heritage of the Emilia Romagna Region, and the University and the Municipality of Ferrara.

It comprises 67 libraries, including specialized university libraries. They share the same online catalogue which also incorporates bibliographic news, ancient books and multimedia material. Some university libraries contain very rare catalogues and digitalised manuscripts, enriching the education and research offer. All the libraries are open all week with full opening times.

Thanks to the Ferrara Library Network, today 67 library are available to students:


26 libraries in the Province;

11 libraries within the Municipality of Ferrara;

11 University of Ferrara libraries;

10 school libraries within the municipality and the province;

9 libraries belonging to cultural associations.


All libraries share the same on line catalogue, which comprises 1,233,590 titles, including 10,736 antique books, 24,204 videos and 4,135 music recordings.







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