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We are engaged in the development of the “Sustainability paradigm” in all its fields of competence.

Conscious that the University has a fundamental responsibility in its educational activities and that students of today will be the future ruling classes, we are committed to the development of the “Sustainability paradigm” in all its fields of competence: in our academic activities, in scientific research, in the management of structures, in the promotion of sustainable “good practices” by the entire academic and administrative staff and the students, in actions aimed at improving energy efficiency as well as the reduction of waste and pollution.

Acknowledging that in some sectors these good practices are still to be achieved, the University of Ferrara is committed to implementing actions to make its activities more sustainable, such as the awards prizes for the best dissertations on “Sustainability” and the creation of new forms of business in the emerging area of sustainability, supported and promoted through specific tools (spin-off). The University of Ferrara is deeply involved in sustainability and international cooperation projects in Italy and throughout the world.

Ferrara, a UNESCO World Heritage site, boasts the highest bicycle/person ratio in Europe. In Ferrara, cycling is the best and most widespread means of urban transport.

The initiative and actions which have been implemented up to now are described in detail in the ad hoc website.