The University of Ferrara offers a unique historical environment. Magnificent reminiscences of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance live on in palaces, houses, churches, museums, squares, courtyards and alleys. Far from being shrouded in the past, Ferrara is a cyclist- and pedestrian-friendly sustainable town where young people can experience a high quality of life, take advantage of well-maintained infrastructures, and pleasantly blend in. Fostering innovative views of the future supported by deeply rooted cultural traditions is a primary goal of the University of Ferrara, which offers a broad range of BA and MA degrees and PhDs in the sciences and the humanities. The whole town is a lively campus thriving on the interaction between national and international students.


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Ours is a small but welcoming town, with many interesting things to see and to do.
The Unife System of Museums and Archives operates under strict coordination with teaching and research activities, integrated with its territory. It is composed of three Centers, each with specific functions.
All the initiatives for the Palestinian cultural heritage and environment (2005-2014).
In the international year of light (IYL 2015) the Edison Volta prize of the European Physical Society has been awarded to prof. Reno Mandolesi.
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