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English course description
Anno accademico
Crediti formativi
Periodo didattico
Secondo Semestre

Obiettivi formativi

The class introduces the students to the law of the World Trade Organization as a subset of public international law. They will learn about the WTO as an international organization, the dispute settlement function of the WTO and they will learn the substantive law of world trade. The class emphasizes consistently the methodology of interpretation students should employ when interpreting the WTO Agreements, i.e. Art. 31 of the VCLT. Students should, at the end of the class, understand the WTO’s role, they should know how disputes are settled in the WTO and they should understand the basic principles of world trade law, focusing on trade in goods including SPS and TBT, and including an overview over trade in services and trade-related aspects of intellectual property.


There are no prerequisites. Basic knowledge of public international law as well as EU law is helpful, but will not be assumed, instead the instructor will describe the relevant rules.

Contenuti del corso

- History and economic basics of world trade
- The WTO as an institution
- dispute settlement
- Trade in goods (including SPS and TBT)
- Trade in services

Metodi didattici

The course is a lecture, however the lecturer will frequently engage the class in discussion and expects them to participate. Towards the end of the case some cases will be discussed and students should prepare them beforehand.

Modalità di verifica dell'apprendimento

The class will be evaluated through an oral exam.

Testi di riferimento

Students will need the legal texts of the WTO - in printed format they have been published by CUP, but they are also available online. As to textbook a whole number of textbooks is available, e.g. the one by van den Bossche & Zdouc now in its fourth edition (CUP)