Admission requirements and Application to Master's Courses of DEM


Free application.

Pre enrolment application must be made on line by all students by

For information about the deadlines of the administrative procedure for application and enrolment, please get in touch with International Mobility Office:


The Teaching Committee of the Department will evaluate the degrees and also the scientific background of each applicant, to make sure that it matches the level of the courses.  If  assessment  is positive, the applicants can enrol to the master degree.


If you are a foreign student and you would like to submit your enquiry in order to receive a pre-evaluation issued by the Teaching Committee, you are kindly asked to fulfill this form, and send it to:



The prerequisite for admission to the Master’s program in Economics, Markets and Management in the following fields/curricula:

  1. Small and Medium Enterprises in International Markets - SMEs (in English)
  2. Green Economy and Sustainability (in English)
  3. Professioni e amministrazione d'impresa (in Italian)
  4. Management e politiche pubbliche (in Italian)

is the successful completion of a Bachelor’s degree or an equivalent, with at least 180 ECTS credits in a related field (Economics or Economics and Management).



  • The bachelor's degree should include subject in the main fields of Economics and Management Studies:
    • Business & Economics subject area disciplines (30 ECTS)
    • Legal area disciplines (15 ECTS)
    • Mathematics & Statistics area disciplines (15 ECTS)


  • Proficiency in English, corresponding to at least Level B2 (curricula 1 and 2)
  • Proficiency in Italian, corresponding to at least Level B2 (curricula 3 and 4)

Assessment of language skills

In order to enrol on this course, you will need to demonstrate to the Teaching Committee that you have Level B2 English and/or Italian skills.

If you meet one of the following criteria, you are considered EXEMPT FROM THE ENGLISH INTERVIEW:

  1. If you are a native English speaker;
  2. If you have an equivalent internationally recognised certificate (to be attached to the pre-enrolment application form).



The Teaching Commitee will evaluate Curriculm vitae and Curriculum Studiorum of all the candidates and could grant a preliminary interview.

These interviews will be held on a monthly basis from September to December of each academic year.

  1. If the Teaching Commitee judges that your knowledge and curriculum meet the entrance requirements, you will be able to complete the enrolment process by
  2. If, however, the Teaching Commitee judges that your knowledge and/or curriculum do no meet the entrance requirements, you will not be permitted to complete the enrolment process.

For information on the admission process, please contact the International Tutor e-mail:



Tuition fees for postgraduate study differ from course to course. For course-specific information on postgraduate course fees, please see the following web page:


Students are kindly required to attend the lessons/lectures/seminars.

Occasionally attend and /or self-study at home is not recommended, as it would impoverish the students experience. The final exam is the verification of the learning process that lasts throughout the semester.