Basics for International Students

Future Students

International students are welcome to the Department of Economics and Management.

In order to be admitted to one of our Master's Degree programmes, students should fulfill the admission requirements established by the Teaching Committee and have gained credits in the main three areas developed in the Department itself:

  • Economics and Management;
  • Mathematics and Statistics;
  • Law.

In order to be admitted to the Master's Degree programmes in SMEs and Green Economy and Sustainability, students are required to have proficiency in English, corresponding to at least Level B2. While, to apply for Professioni e amministrazioni d'impresa and Management e politiche pubbliche, a B2 level in Italian is required.

For further information about requirements and admission, please open this link.

  • How to apply?

To apply for a Master's Degree programme offered by the Department of Economics, international students are required to fill and send the application form to

This first step will allow the Teaching Committee to pre-evaluate the student's previous career. If the Teaching Committee positively evaluated such career, students should proceed delivering to the International Mobility and Education Office the original of the documents required (no copies allowed). The next step would consist of pre-enrolment and enrolment.

  • How to enrol?

In order to enrol to one of our Master's Degree programmes, please get information in this page.


Here you can find all the information concerning the four Master's Degree progammes offered by the Department of Economics and Management.


  • Study Plan:

Students are required to fill in their own study plan at the beginning of the accademic year (usually within November 30th). In order to complete the study plan, students are required to log in their reserved student area in and select the activities/subjects they would like to attend.

  • Lectures, courses and Professors:

Here you may find all the information about teaching hours, lectures, courses, timetables and places.

  • Exams:

For all information about exam sessions and dates, we suggest students visit this page.

In order to register for an exam, students will have to:

  1. log in their reserved student area in;
  2. in iscrizioni esami online, select Iscrizione Esami or Iscrizione Prove parziali;
  3. select the exam you want to register for;
  4. select Prenotati all’appello.


If the exam required is not included in Bacheca appelli, it means that the Professor could have not uploaded the exam yet. We suggest you wait for it to be updated. As soon as possible, the Professor will upload the exam and activate the registration form. In case you can’t see the exam you want to register for in your reserved student area (but included in Bacheca appelli), we suggest you write an e-mail to


The Internship is one of the mandatory activities planned for students enroled to one of the Master's Degree programmes offered by the Department.

Such Internship (4 credits - 100 hours) can be carried out in any public Institution or private company, provided that the activity performed is congruent with the Degree programme chosen.

In order to start the Internship, students have to choose where to carry out such activity and a tutor didattico (a supervising Professor) and have the activation form (Modulo Unico) signed by both tutor didattico and tutor aziendale (a supervisor in the company/Institution) and by the course manager.

During the Internship, students must fill in the Registro presenze and, at the end of the activity, hand it out to the tutor didattico with the tutor aziendale's report and the student's one. The Registro presenze and the two draft-reports can be downloaded here.


Please note: Students will have to register for the exam (Tirocinio) in order to have it recorded.


In order to take their graduate Degree, students are required to gain 120 credits, including those connected with the thesis research, elaboration and defence.

In order to defend the thesis, students must fill in a form (Domanda di Laurea) which has to be forwarded to the Registrar's Office. For further information, please open this link.