Michelangelo Research Project

last modified Nov 27, 2009 07:27 PM
3D laser scanner survey for documentary updating and valorization of Michelangelo’s (1475 - 1564) architectures in Florence. Cultural heritage restoration and valorization techniques: the role of surveying.

The Michelangelo research project basically consists of the 3D modelling of Michelangelo’s architectural heritage placed in Florence. It is  aimed on the updating of the existing documentation and the valorization of Michelangelo’s work.The Michelangelo research project has been entirely autonomously driven by the D.I.A.P.Re.M. Research Centre of the Department of Architecture from University of Ferrara and the Department of Architectural Design from University of Florence.
The project takes place  since 2003.The project has now reached its final stage related to the development and te work-out of the final results and their dissemination. One of the major challanges of this research project was the 3D acquisition of Michelangelo’s Pluteos inside the Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana. This survey took place in cooperation with the Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana. The ideal time window for the survey operation was the period during the restoration of the Pluteos in 2004. Four different significant Pluteos were chosen to be tri-dimensionally scanned, and the survey aimed to record not only geometric/metrological informations, but even qualitative ones in order to provide a full set of tools for the correct conservative procedure and subsequent valorization of such heritage.

The dissemination of results of the Michelangelo project is focused on different levels, mainly based on target and necessary content selection. So far, all elaborated databases allow a critical and potentially web-based inquiry of their architectural content.


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